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Tadwick Lane – Closure Notice

B&NES have issued a closure notice for the lane:

Please click on the following link for details:

Notice THTTC1662[15442]


Notice of Innox Lane closure for Gas Works

Please click on the following link to see the B&NES notification.

s14 Notice 1546[2032]

Solsbury Lane – Closure Notice

Please note that the lane will be closed for a period during March 2017, please click on the link below to see the official B&NES notification.


Drainage works in Innox Lane

The links below show a location map of the works and a brief description of the works.



Innox Lane Swainswick – ‘Closure’ Notice from 25th July


Please see below details of the proposed intermittent closure for a 2-3 week period commencing on the 25th July 2016.

Innox Lane – Closure

Additional works are scheduled in the village which will impact Tadwick Lane and Blacksmith Lane. We are seeking clarity on these combined plans in respect of access to the village should these plans overlap.



Tadwick Lane closure – Date Change

The lane closures for Tadwick Lane and Blacksmith Lane have been postponed until 25th July 2016. This has been done to avoid issues with school traffic during term time.

Please ignore previous post dated 18th May.

Blacksmith Lane & Tadwick Lane Closures

From 20th June the above lanes will be subject to closure to enable gas main replacement works to be carried out. Full details can be found here Blacksmith Lane, Tadwick Lane (part) Closure.doc

A46 Roadworks (Hartley Bends) 9th – 20th May

These extensive works will involve night-time road closures, please see details A46 Hartley Bends surfacing letter RevA

Restrictions to Towpath access at Grosvenor

The resurfacing work along the canal towpath means there will be no access to the canal from the Grosvenor access during certain periods please see Towpath access restriction

Pedestrian Safety – Deadmill Lane

On 3rd March 2016 there was a minor incident at the top of Deadmill Lane. Traffic turning into Deadmill Lane gave scant regard to parents and children walking to Swainswick School. The details have been forwarded to the authorities. This Council, over a number of years, has been corresponding with B&NES seeking improvements to the flow of traffic and indeed ensuring there is a ‘Safe Route to School’. This latest incident emphasises the need for some action to be taken.