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Highways & Footpaths

The only major road that runs through the Parish is the A46 into Bath. In recent years there have been a number of serious accidents on this short stretch of road and the parish has campaigned vigorously to improve the safety. In 2014 improved warning signs a special road surface have been applied to the high risk zone known as Hartley Bends.

Many of the lanes in the Parish are narrow country lanes, single track in places with passing spaces, such as Innox Lane and Tadwick Lane. As traffic problems around Bath increase we are concerned about the potential impact on these rural lanes when the A46 is congested and alternative routes are sought. The surfaces of these routes are poor and not suitable for ‘diverted’ traffic.

Cutting of the verges along the road and lanes is the responsibility of B&NES. Overgrown verges on narrow country lanes make the lanes even narrower, presenting a safety hazard for all users, particularly pedestrians who are forced to walk in the middle of the road. Of particular concern is the footpath on the ‘old A46’ and the lanes leading to Swainswick Primary School.  The safety of children who walk these routes to school is of paramount importance and B&NES are regularly lobbied on this point. Residents who discover a problem with the highways, for example a pothole, a fallen tree or a damaged road sign, can either contact B&NES Council Connect or the Parish Clerk.