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Year End Accounts 2015/2016 – Audit

The Parish Council accounts need to be audited by external auditors and as such a simple audit document needs completion and is to be checked by an ‘internal’ auditor. This has now been done and the relevant papers will be sent to Grant Thornton (Auditors) in due course.

The financial page of the document can be seen below. The full details of the accounts for this financial year can be viewed by the public and details on how this can be arranged will be published here in May. The financial statement can be found in Swainswick PC  Accounts



Restrictions to Towpath access at Grosvenor

The resurfacing work along the canal towpath means there will be no access to the canal from the Grosvenor access during certain periods please see Towpath access restriction

Swainswick School – News item

Swainswick School – News

Louise Cripps, our school’s Head teacher has decided to leave her post of Head teacher from the end of July.  She has enjoyed her time at the school but the reduction in the amount of time she can spend teaching means that she will be seeking to do more teaching elsewhere.  There will be a farewell assembly for all those connected with the school to show appreciation of her significant contribution to developing the Swainswick Way for the school and to wish her well in the future.  Details of this are still to be decided.

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting 8th February 2016

The Draft minutes for the Council’s meeting in February are here –February 2016 were approved at the Parish Council meeting on the 11th April

Draft AGENDA for Parish Council Meeting on 11th April 2016

Agenda APRIL 2016 is an initial draft of the Parish Council Meeting to be held in Swainswick School at 7.30pm on Monday the 11th April 2016.

Park Cottage- Planning appeal dismissed

The appeal against the refusal of the planning application (Ref: 15/04317/FUL) for an extension to Park Cottage has been dismissed. Appeal dismissal details.

Development on Land adjacent to Pickwick Cottage

An appeal regarding the refusal of the construction of a house on this land (Application Ref 15/02511/FUL) has been dismissed see details at Appeal Decision

Congratulations to Swainswick School

A very positive Ofsted report has been published following the inspectors recent visits to the school. Click below to see the full report.

Swainswick School Ofsted Report

Swainswick School – Latest Newsletter

Please click the link below:

Swainswick School latest Newsletter

Beech House Swainswick – Application15/04173 approved

To see details click on this reference No: 15/04173/FUL