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Community Well Being Hub

Community Wellbeing Hub


The Community Wellbeing Hub is a partnership between the Council, HCRG (formerly Virgin Care) and third sector organisations – many of them commissioned to provide specialist support.  The aim is for people to make just one call and then have access to a range of services.

Support offered

The Community Wellbeing Hub offers a range of services including:

  • Debt, money advice and benefits support
  • Short term financial help in a crisis
  • Housing advice
  • Access to low cost food
  • Practical support to improve your mental health
  • Finding employment
  • Advice on employment issues
  • Keeping active and healthy
  • Achieving a healthy weight for the whole family
  • Improving your cooking skills on a budget
  • Managing type 2 Diabetes
  • Stopping smoking
  • Practical and emotional support to help build confidence, independence and connection to your local community

Please give us a call 0300 247 0050 and we will be happy to help you.

Can Future Bright help you achieve your career goals?

I work or the Future Bright project (delivered locally by Bath & North East Somerset Council) I am reaching out to parish council in light of the cost of living crisis to see if we are able to offer support to residents around their employment and career opportunities. I am aware that some of you have previously advertised our project on your websites, our eligibility has changed so we’d be really grateful if you could update the information that you have posted.

What can Future Bright offer?

As a reminder Future Bright offers FREE one-to-one coaching support to residents in Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire  who are currently in work and either earning below the Real Living Wage (£9.90 per hour), or receiving in-work benefits.  The project is tailored to the individuals wants and needs and aims to provide positive outcomes that lead to improvements in income, working hours, education, skills, attitude and/or wellbeing.

How can you tell residents?

We have produced a simple toolkit that you can use to spread the message to residents. It contains content for a newsletter and a couple social media posts. Graphics for the social media posts are embedded in the toolkit but we have also attached them separately in case there are any issues with quality.

What else can Future Bright do to support you?

We are really keen to encourage local residents to access Future Bright as we have seen how the positive changes that individuals make in relation to their work can impact throughout their life and wellbeing. If we can support in any other way; providing hard copies of leaflets, digital leaflets or attending events, please do let us know.

As always you can find more information about Future Bright here: www.futurebright.org.uk

If you would like to discuss this further, or require any other information, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on:  



Mary-Jane King is the newly appointed Village Agent for Swainswick, she is available now to support anyone living in Swainswick Parish. Linking people in rural areas with advice and support services for independent living, health and wellbeing. Tel: 07385 231558 Email: maryjane@wern.org.uk For further information please go to https://www.wern.org.uk/banes-village-agents

Swainswick PC Agenda for virtual meeting to be held 9th Novemeber.


Notice of a Virtual Meeting of Swainswick Parish Council

to be held at

on Monday 9th November 2020 at 7.30pm


  1. Apologies

  2. Minutes of the meeting held 7th September.

  3. Matters Arising from above Minutes
  4. Planning


Ref20/03908/FUL Pitlands Farm, Gloucester Road, Swainswick. Erection of a single storey extension and alterations to roof, including conversion of loft to habitable space. Swainswick PC – No objections

Ref: 20/03559/FUL Treetops Gloucester Road Swainswick

Erection of first floor extension of the same volume of existing extensions to be demolished, and improvements to existing vehicle access and parking.

Swainswick PC – No objections

Ref: 20/03391/FUL Little Pear Tree Cottage, Tadwick Lane, Tadwick. Redevelopment of previously developed garage site for an office, gym and annexe to be used in connection with Pear Tree Cottage. Swainswick PC objection submitted 7/10/2020. B&NES – Decision pending.

Ref: 20/03255/FUL Larkhall Sports Club, Charlcombe Lane, Charlcombe, Bath.Erection of a 20m high monopole supporting 3no. antennas and 2no. 0.3mm dishes above the top of the pole, the installation of 1no. equipment cabinet on new base and the installation of ancillary equipment.

Swainswick PC Objection submitted 29/09/2020. B&NES Decision pending.

Ref: 20/03810/FUL Agricultural Building opposite Jazira, Gloucester Road.

Initially reported to enforcement and retrospective planning application submitted.

Previous Aplications

Ref: 19/05534/FUL  Larkhall Athletic Ground. Erection of 20 metre-high telecommunications mast accommodating 6 antenna apertures, 4 transmission dishes and8 ground-based equipment cabinets. Swainswick PC – Objections submitted. B&NES – Decision pending with Planning Committee.

Ref: 20/03009/FUL Ashcombe House Tadwick Lane Swainswick Bath. Conversion of long barn into two holiday cottages. B&NES – Decision pending.

Ref: 20/03077/FUL    (resulting from Ref: 19/00568/UNAUTH )  Listed Building Consent (Alts/exts) Manor Farm Buildings Manor Lane Swainswick Bath. Repairs and alterations to curtilage listed former farm buildings (part retrospective). Change of use of one building from B8 storage to B1 business use (retrospective). Swainswick PC objection submitted 29/9/2020. B&NES – Decision pending.

Other Planning Matters

Ref: 18/03829/FUL  Four Winds Farm  Gloucester Road Swainswick -‘retention’ of Agricultural Building. Further concerns regarding possible non-agricultural usage. B&NES Enforcement investigating.

5.   Swainswick School – Pedestrian Safety.

6    University Building – Aircraft Warning Light

7.   Highways, pavements and verges.

      Local Lane Speeds

8.   Swainswick PC – Future project ideas/proposals. On hold at present.

      Information Board

      Trough surround – improvement

9.   Finance

      Financial Status – update

10. School Governors

11. Clerk Vacancy advertising proposals and details.

12. Correspondence – all relevant previously circulated by email.

13. Any Other Business

14. Dates of next meetings:

      8th February   2021

      12th April        2021

14th June         2021

Gillan Cottage Swainswick – Planning Application

For details please click on the following link:

Gillan Cottage, Blacksmith Lane, Swainswick, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 8BT

Pub Swainswick this Friday August 4th

A cheerful reminder below!

Pub Swainswick is this Friday

Planning Application – Tree works at Beech House Swainswick

Please click on the links below for full details:

Beech House Tree works

B&NES link