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Swainswick PC Meeting 15th June 2020 – Minutes (approved 7/09/2020)


Minutes of the meeting of Swainswick Parish Council

held in the garden of 48 Bailbrook Lane

 on Monday 15th June at 7.00pm

Present:  Cllrs Mr J Miles (Chairman): Mr T Stuckes: Mr R Shackell: and Mr R Clist (Clerk)

1.         Apologies

            Apologies were received from M Holling, I Roberts and G Davies

2.         Minutes of previous meeting held on 10th February and 28th April 2020.

The meeting approved these minutes and they were signed as a true record by the Chairman.

3.         Matters arising
There were no matters arising.

4.         AGM and Chairmanship.

As the current pandemic has altered many procedures and processes Councils were authorised to cancel AGM’s for this year. Therefore, no ‘annual election’ for the Chairmanship was held. Jonathan Miles has offered to continue for the next year. All Council members fully supported and approved this action using email communications.

5.         Planning

There were no new planning applications.

Previous Applications

Ref 20/01315/TEL: Telecommunications Application: Woolley Lane Charlcombe Bath Erection of a 20m high monopole supporting 3no. antennas and 2no. 0.3mm dishes above the top of the pole, the installation of 1no. equipment cabinet on new base and the installation of ancillary equipment.

Swainswick PC Objections submitted. Application Withdrawn.      

Ref: 20/00041/FUL Swainswick Primary School Innox Lane Swainswick Bath Erection of a garden office in the school grounds, following removal of existing shed. Swainswick PC – No Objections. B&NES – Permit

Ref: 20/00103/FUL: Smallmans Tadwick Lane Swainswick Bath.  Change of use from garden room/studio to habitable family annexe ancillary to main dwelling. Swainswick PC – No Objections. B&NES – Permit

Ref: 20/00240/FUL Top Cottage, Tadwick Lane, Tadwick, Bath Proposed extension and alterations. Swainswick PC – Comments submitted. BANES – Permit

Ref: 20/01337/FUL Lambrook Barn, Deadmill Lane, Lower Swainswick. Erection of single storey extension. Swainswick PC Objections submitted. BANES Decision Pending. Put before Planning Committee for 1st July meeting.

Ref: 19/05534/FUL  Larkhall Athletic Ground. Erection of 20 metre-high telecommunications mast accommodating 6 antenna apertures, 4 transmission dishes and8 ground-based equipment cabinets. Swainswick PC – Objections submitted. B&NES – Decision pending.

Other Planning Matters

Ref: 19/00568/UNAUTH   The Manor Barn Swainswick, possible unauthorised usage for public events, catering etc.

Remains under review

Ref:  19/00125.UNDEV & Appeal Ref: 19.00062/ENFAPL

Shire End Farm Without planning permission the change of use of land from agriculture to a mixed use of agriculture and residential through the siting of a mobile home and wooden buildings for residential purposes. To be retained for observation.

6.   University Building – Aircraft Warning Light

There have been a number of emails in circulation and the matter is still unresolved. As Autumn approaches and the evenings close in the evidence of this problem will be again re-examined.

7.   Swainswick PC – Future project ideas/proposals

      Information Board

      Trough surround – improvement

      These items will remain in abeyance until the current health crisis has passed,

8. Finance

The 2019/2020 Audit Papers were examined and approved. All relevant papers are now on the Parish Councils website.

The current Financial Status spreadsheet was issued.

9.   School Governors

      Nothing to report.

10. Correspondence – all relevant previously circulated by email.

11. Any Other Business

12. Dates of next meetings:

      Proposed but to be agreed in the coming weeks.

      7th September 2020

      9th November  2020                          

      8th February   2021

      12th April        2021

14th June         2021  

            Meeting closed at 8.45pm

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