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Swainswick PC Minutes of meeting held November 2019

Minutes of the meeting of Swainswick Parish Council
held at “Naille” Upper Swainswick
on Monday 11th November at 7.30pm
Present: Cllrs Mr J Miles (Chairman): Mr I Roberts: Mr T Stuckes: Mr R Shackell: M Hollings: Mr G Davies and Mr R Clist (Clerk)

  1. Apologies
    There were no apologies.
  2. Minutes of previous meeting held 23rd September 2019.
    The meeting approved these minutes and they were signed as a true record by the Chairman.
  3. Matters arising There were no matters arising.
  4. Co-option
    Mr G Davies attended the meeting as it was hoped that he would return to the Parish Council. Following a brief discussion J Miles proposed that he should be co-opted, this was seconded by I Roberts. This was unanimously approved.
  5. Planning
    Ref: 19/00568/UNAUTH The Manor Barn Swainswick, possible unauthorised usage for public events, catering etc.
    Ref: 19/00125.UNDEV & Appeal Ref: 19.00062/ENFAPL
    Shire End Farm Without planning permission the change of use of land from agriculture to a mixed use of agriculture and residential through the siting of a mobile home and wooden buildings for residential purposes.
    Other Planning Matters Four Winds Farm Previous ref No’s WB/3346/A and WB/3346/C. Restarted building works.
  6. Bath University – Red Aviation Light Sarah Warren (B&NES Councillor) has been following this up with B&NES Planning and more specifically the University management. It has been stated that the lights are in full compliance with the CAA aviation standards. There now seems to be a likelihood that the installed lights can be replaced with less imposing lamps. 7. Charmy Down – Footpath re-routing Discussions took place on the proposed changes and J Miles noted that a number of gates were already in place and some diversions seem to have been mad. M Hollings asked whether the general public would be inconvenienced. This did seem unlikely. As the footpaths were not in the Parish the council was not overly enthusiastic to
    make any comments or objections. J Miles said he would make a private representation. 8. Swainswick PC – Future Projects, ideas/proposals Water Flow to Trough on the green Completed. Further Ideas M Hollings suggested that there could be an information board about the village located in an accessible location for visitors. This was idea was given general approval and the Councillor would put forward ideas on its potential design and contents in due course. A possible improvement to the bank and surroundings near the water trough has been suggested. The clerk would discuss with a local tradesman.
  7. Financial Status – update
    The clerk circulated the latest financial statement.
  8. School Governors
    R Shackell reported that there are plans for a “break-out area” and some landscaping at the front of the school. In answer to previous questions about the academy status and quality of teachers he said all recruits would be fully qualified teachers.
  9. Correspondence .
    All relevant material previously circulated.
  10. Any Other Business
    M Hollings offered her apologies for the February meeting.
  11. Date of Next Meetings
    2020 – February 10th , April 6th: & June 8th
    Meeting closed at 9.05pm

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