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Swainswick PC Minutes of meeting September 2019

Minutes of the meeting of Swainswick Parish Council
held at “Naille” Upper Swainswick
on Monday 23rd September 2019 at 7.30pm
Present: Cllrs Mr J Miles (Chairman): Mr I Roberts: Mr T Stuckes: Mr R Shackell: M Hollings and Mr R Clist (Clerk)

  1. Apologies
    There were no apologies.
  2. Minutes of previous meeting held 10th June 2019.
    The meeting approved these minutes and they were signed as a true record by the Chairman.
  3. Matters arising There were no matters arising.
  4. Planning
    New There were no new applications.
    Previous Applications
    Ref: 18/03829/FUL Four Winds Farm Gloucester Road Swainswick -‘retention’ of Agricultural Building. Swainswick PC objections submitted. BANES Decision – Permit.
    Despite this decision concerns remain regarding the future use of this building and other references were given where misuse of developments, such as the Fullers Earth site to the south of Bath, had expanded and no action had been forthcoming. On this point J Miles pointed out that there is a small parcel of land, close to the access from the A46, which is regularly used for a variety of activity. Material storage and heavy plant parking have been observed at this site. It was agreed that this situation needs monitoring.
    Other Planning Matters
    The Manor Barn A significant development regarding the use of this building has been reported. Recently a social event was held in the building and this information, together with previous unspecified works adjacent to the barn, has indicated possible inappropriate use of the building. This has been highlighted by a resident who identified an advertised catering use of the property for which planning approval would be necessary. J Miles added that should such events be being held there would be additional checks needed such as Health & Safety and food hygiene standards. Appropriate insurances would also be required. I Roberts agreed that the situation need to be carefully monitored and B&NES Enforcement notified.
    The clerk had previously contacted B&NES and the owner regarding the perceived
    condition of this structure, which is a listed building. There had been no response
    from the owner and the clerk was asked to again refer the matter to the Council.
    The Conservation Dept stated it would put the building on its ‘at risk’ register.
    The clerk was asked to provide full details to B&NES enforcement and to combine
    this with a further reference to the Conservation Dept.
  5. Bathavon Forum update
    J Miles represented this Council at the meeting and stated that the attendance was
    good and, under a new structure and regime, the content useful. Of note was the
    implication that the Eastern Park & Ride project was not dormant! M Hollings asked
    about the presence of the new Ward Councillors at meetings and asked whether they
    are invited to Parish Council meetings. The clerk confirmed that they are made fully
    aware of dates and meeting content.
  6. Swainswick PC – Future Projects, ideas/proposals
    Defibrillator installation
    Consideration was given to the purchase and installation of a unit for the village.
    Although some devices were affordable it was not clear, because of the village layout,
    where it could be suitably installed.
    Bench Installation
    An earlier proposal for the placement of a bench near Church Hill currently remains
    Water Flow to Trough on the green
    The task to clear the drain feeding the trough has not yet been addressed.
  7. Red Light on the Eastern Horizon
    A very bright red light has recently become very visible on the eastern horizon from
    Swainswick. It is considered intrusive. It is thought that the source is near the
    university at Claverton and I Roberts and T Stuckes have offered to seek out the exact
  8. Finance
    The following payments were authorised:
  • R Clist (ICO Data Protection Fee refund) £40.00
  • Bath Preservation Trust £20.00
    Financial Status – update
    The clerk circulated the latest financial statement.
  1. School Governors
    For some time now a review on the status of Swainswick School has been ongoing. R
    Shackell reported that as from November 1st 2019 the school would become an
    academy under the Multi-Academy Trust scheme (MAT). One objective was to get
    improved funding for the school. M Hollings questioned the long-term viability of
    this and raised concerns about the quality and qualifications of future teachers the new
    rooms were now in full use.
    I Roberts asked about school signage. R Shackell stated he would bring the matter up
    at the next governors meeting on 25th September.
  2. Correspondence .
    All relevant material previously circulated.
  3. Any Other Business
    J Miles said he had met up with Glyn Davies. Having resigned from the council,
    earlier in the year, for personal reasons, G Davies had always been interested in a
    return should circumstances change. He would be invited to the November meeting
    with a view to co-option should he so wish.
  4. Date of Next Meetings
    2019 – November 11th
    2020 – February 10th , April 6th: & June 8th
    Meeting closed at 9.30pm

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