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Parish Council Meeting (Virtual) – Agenda for 12th April 2021

This will be a meeting held remotely using Zoom and a link to the meeting will be at the end of the Agenda.


Notice of a Virtual Meeting of Swainswick Parish Council 

to be held

on Monday 12th April 2021 at 7.30pm 


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the meeting held 8th February 2021.
  3. Matters Arising from above Minutes.
  4. Planning


There are no new applications.

Previous Aplications

Ref: 20/03009/FUL Ashcombe House Tadwick Lane Swainswick Bath. Conversion of long barn into two holiday cottages. B&NES – Decision pending.

Ref: 20/03077/FUL (resulting from Ref: 19/00568/UNAUTH )  Listed Building Consent (Alts/exts) Manor Farm Buildings Manor Lane Swainswick Bath. Repairs and alterations to curtilage listed former farm buildings (part retrospective). Change of use of one building from B8 storage to B1 business use (retrospective). Swainswick PC objection submitted 29/9/2020.

Application withdrawn.

Ref: 20/03391/FUL Little Pear Tree Cottage, Tadwick Lane, Tadwick. Redevelopment of previously developed garage site for an office, gym and annexe to be used in connection with Pear Tree Cottage. Swainswick PC objection submitted 7/10/2020. B&NES Development Committee 10th Feb 2020. B&NES – Decision – Refused.

Ref: 20/03255/FULLarkhall Sports Club, Charlcombe Lane, Charlcombe, Bath.Erection of a 20m high monopole supporting 3no. antennas and 2no. 0.3mm dishes above the top of the pole, the installation of 1no. equipment cabinet on new base and the installation of ancillary equipment.

Swainswick PC Objection submitted 29/09/2020. B&NES Development Committee 10th Feb 2020 – Permit

Ref: 21/00276/TCA St Mary’s Church Church Lane Swainswick Bath 

Removal of 3 Ash trees. B&NES – Decision No Objection.

Other Planning Matters

Ref: 18/03829/FUL  Four Winds Farm  Gloucester Road Swainswick -‘retention’ of Agricultural Building. B&NES Enforcement – usage review closed 15th Feb 2021.

5. Local Footpaths  

B&NES review.

Footpath near Uplands Farm (condition reported to Public Health)

6 University Building – Aircraft Warning Light

7. Highways – Local Lane Speeds

8. Swainswick PC – Future project ideas/proposals. On hold at present.

Information Board & Trough surround – improvement 

9. Finance

ALCA annual Fee £60.00

Clerk salary April/May £200.00 & Future payment process

   Financial Status – Year End update & Audit papers for signature

10. School Governors.

11. Correspondence – all relevant previously circulated by email.

12. Any Other Business

13. Dates of next meetings: 

14th June 2021 to include Annual Meeting

Note – Virtual Meeting link is below


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