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Minutes of Swainswick PC meeting held 13th Sept 2021


Cllrs Ian Roberts, Jonathan Miles, Rob Shackell, Maggie Holling, Glyn Davies, Tim Stuckes.

Clerk: Charlie Williams.


Meeting of Swainswick Parish Council

to be held in Naille

on Monday 13th Sept 2021 at 7.30pm

(Virtual attendance link below)

  1. Apologies
    1. Maggie Holling
    2. Glyn Davies
    3. Jonathan Miles
  2. Present
    1. Ian Roberts
    2. Rob Shackell
    3. Tim Stuckes
    4. Clerk: Charlie Williams
  3. Jon Press nominated by Ian Roberts. Seconded by Rob Schackell. Elected unanimously.

  4. Minutes of the meeting held 21st June 2021.
    1. Minutes have been approved.
  1. Matters Arising from above Minutes.
    1. None
  1. Road safety
    1. Swainswick Primary School — to follow up but have not heard from the school. Generally supportive of issues raised by school, once they have liased with parents and governors.
  1. Proposal for a bike / shared-use lane on Gloucester Road— proposal has been submitted, not heard back yet.
    1. CW to chase— what is the status of the application, and can the hedge be further cleared back now school is again in session
  1. Quiet lane signage
    1. First sign is installed and possible to do more if other locations identified
    1. Jon Press (JP) to identify a second location
  1. Request for double yellows on Gloucester/Ferndale
    1. CW: Ask BANES to review lines in existence currently
    1. Double white lines in the middle do not have much effect in terms of safety
    1. Adding doubles on the west side of the road (where there aren’t houses) would be easier
  1. Planning


  1. Charmy Down Barns site
    1. Have discussed and will consider Batheaston PCs comments. Will comment appropriately as an opportunity arises.

Previous Applications

Application Reference: 21/03334/FUL
Address: The Ferns, Deadmill Lane, Lower Swainswick, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 8DE

            — No objections

Application Reference: 21/02177/FUL
Address: Manor Farm Buildings, Manor Lane, Swainswick, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset,
Proposal: Change of use of one building from B8 storage to B1 business use (retrospective) and external alterations to buildings. (Resubmission)

Application Reference: 21/02178/LBA
Address: Manor Farm Buildings, Manor Lane, Swainswick, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset,
Proposal: Repairs and alterations to curtilage listed former farm buildings (Class B8) (part retrospective) (Resubmission).

  • Some documents have been added to the application.
  • A traffic report has been filed but is not visible on the application currently. IR has chased this.
  • There has also been an ecology survey to do with bat habitat. Significant numbers of bats live in the area.
  • Open question of whether Sam’s Kitchen building can be converted to the proposed use from its current one.

Application Reference: 20/03009/FUL
Address: Ashcombe House, Tadwick Lane, Swainswick, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA1 8AL
Proposal: Conversion of long barn into two holiday cottages.
Updated: 2 New Document(s) Added

            — No notes

Other Planning Matters


  1. Swainswick PC
    1. Jon Press – nominated to join PC
  1. Any Other Business
    1. Maintenance contract for the village green
      1. Recommendation to not renew current maintenance contract
      1. Required works can be done by locals
  1. Historical records – to Guildhall records office
    1. Approved transfer to records office
  2. Historical PC laptop – to donate/sell?
    1. Approved plan to donate to someone who can use it
  3. CW touring plans next year
    1. To discuss as dates firm up.

The meeting was closed at 20:27.

  1. Dates of next meetings:

8 November 2021

14 Feb 2022

11 April 2022

13 June 2022 – AGM 19:00

Note – Virtual Meeting link:


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