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Minutes of Swainswick PC meeting held 21st June 2021


Cllrs Ian Roberts, Jonathan Miles, Rob Shackell, Maggie Holling, Glyn Davies, Tim Stuckes.

Clerk: Charlie Williams.

Guest: Grant Swarbrooke, Headteacher, Swainswick Primary School.

  1. Apologies
    1. None

  2. Minutes of the meeting held 12th April 2021.
    1. Approved
  1. Election of Chair.
    1. Ian Roberts elected chair with no dissent.

  2. Matters Arising from above Minutes.
    1. None
  1. Road safety
    1. Swainswick Primary School
      1. Mr Swarbrooke presented a variety of possible approaches to making the school drop-off zone safer.
      1. There is a consensus from parents, staff and students that something should be done re: traffic
      1. Ideas included:
        1. Timed pedestrian zone outside school (dropoff and pickup). Essentially a no-stopping zone
        1. The current trial of this is working well, would like to make permament.
        1. Currently done with tape, proposal to make it paint + signs
        1. Make the temporary barrier outside the school permanent
          1. Construction fencing currently
        1. Sourcing movable signs for dropoff/pickup
        1. Possibly also speed humps around the dropoff pedestrianisation box
          1. Can take advice on specifics from road experts
          1. Possibly also speed humps further along Innox Lane
        1. Could designate Innox Lane as a quiet lane
        1. Signage warning drivers it is a school zone
      1. PC expressed support of these plans.
      1. PC suggests the potential to use cobblestones to delineate pedestrian/no parking areas from the rest of the road.
  1. Proposal for a bike / shared-use lane on Gloucester Road
    1. CW summarised as raised by Cllr Sarah Warren in response to constituent inquiry
      1. Possibly could be funded under the next Liveable Neighbourhoods
      1. School route makes funding more likely
      1. Needs to be in proposal before 5th August
    1. PC discussion centred around the existing path being allegedly quite wide already, but seriously overgrown
      1. To be investigated (CW + others?)
      1. Possibly could be made good without repaving
      1. This would be a large one-time job
      1. Essential that this is then followed up with annual maintenance to prevent the overgrowth from recurring
      1. Just doing small maintenance each year does not solve the problem
    1. CW Action point: Verify the width of the path is sufficient the entire route from Bailbrook Lane to Innox Lane
    1. CW Action point: Feed back to Cllr Warren re: findings and PC support
  1. Quiet lane signage
    1. An example sign was shown to those present and met with approval.
  1. Audit paperwork
    1. Approved
  1. Finalising accounts
    1. Included in 6 above. CW to present finance update at future meetings.
  1. Planning

21/02197/FUL – Little Pear Tree Cottage

PC has no comment on the current application

21/02177/FUL – Manor Farm Buildings

21/02178/LBA – Manor Farm Buildings

PC has already expressed objections to these applications

Other Planning Matters


  1. Swainswick PC
    1. Jon Press – nominated to join PC
      1. As he is absent he will be invited to the next meeting, at which his nomination can be voted on.
      1. Must verify that there are no restrictions on maximum numbers of councillors.
      1. CW – action point, chat to Richard Clist about the rules
  1. Any Other Business
    1. Maintenance contract for the village green
      1. PC to review current maintenance contract next time it is up for renewal.
      1. IR action point – further conversations with Edward about possibilities
  1. Dates of next meetings:

(All to start at 19:30 except AGM)

13 September 2021

8 November 2021

14 Feb 2022

11 April 2022

13 June 2022 – AGM 19:00

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